Steering wheel commands on my carputer

After a lot of work on my homemade carputer, I finally found out how to get the steering wheel commands on my carputer.
I made a video to explain how it works and how I did it :

I used and arduino with a Can Module to read the messages. In the video I explain how the Can Network is organised and how to get the message to know what is happening on the steering wheel commands.

Enjoy 🙂

One thought on “Steering wheel commands on my carputer

  1. Hi, it really is an intersting solution you have created for your car and the write-up is good inspiration for others with similar ideas.

    I’m part of a small group of developers and hardware engineers who in our spare time have been working on a similar project. Our goal is to make the ultimate “carputer” also based on the Raspberry Pi. We have included a lot of hardware compontents into a single OBD dongle enclosure to make the installation into the car simple and easy. Our project was born with the primary objective to support development of solutions like yours.

    If it may have any interest, you can read about our project at:



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