Yet another alarm clock

What ? Yet another alarm clock ? Aren’t tired of doing that ?

Oops, I did it again. Actually it is more of a second version of the first one I created (here to know more about the first version). It fell down on the floor so I decided to remake one. It took into the account the defaults that I saw with my first one.
The biggest flaw was that the led display was too bright at night so I decided to switch to the simple TM1736 module (same as in the NanoClock project).

This was also the occasion to use a lot of the leftovers I had at home. I already had all the components : I just had to buy the wood board which costed me 4€. Otherwise I estimate the total cost of about 20€ (Virtual Private Server excluded of course).

As I said in this video, what I really liked about that project is that it was a mix of two different things that interests me : Arduino/electronics & wood (kind of like with an other clock, I promise it is the last one : wordmap clock).

Most of the source code is available here :

Components :

Other links that might interest you :



Waterspout spotted in Cannes

This a very short post to talk about a very interesting and natural phenomenon that I had the chance to spot few days ago : waterspout. It is like a tornado and water but usually way smaller.


It is not the first time I see this, however it is the first time that I see more than one at the same time. It is also the first one that I could take a photo of.

There was no damage reported this day.

If you wish to learn more about the subject :