As Air Traffic Controllers we are sometimes being notified by pilots about events. Sometimes it can be a fire, or a boat in distress. But when calling the competent rescue service it is not always easy to communicate accurately the position of the event.



Dash 8 and Trackers S2T at Cannes

In aviation we are using nautical miles, a unit that a firefighter will never use (expect if it is for sea rescue). That’s why I created a small tool called BalthaSAR (the name is a pun, SAR stands for Search And Rescue).

The principle is simple, the website converts position of starting point (can be an airport, a VOR or an NDB) heading and distance to coordinates of the reported point.

This can be easily measured on a radar screen.

The point is showed in red on a map, the squares that you can see on the pictures or DFCI coordinates (which are French coordinates used by fire fighters and sea rescue)


The text is in French, and it contains only coordinates for French airports and Navaid (from the openaip database) but can be easily adapted for an other country.

The website is hosted on Github and can be seen here :

The source code is available here :

The work and the website it self was not hard, it is more a compilation of different libraries (mapbox, bootstrap, coordinates converter …) than coding it self.

I hope this will be useful in the future !


Introducing ProfesseurCadeau

I’m currently in Toulouse for 3 weeks, so I’m not working on any “physical” project. However this article is about an other project that I’ve been working on for 6 months.

I’ve always been in trouble when I had to find a gift for someone so I created a website which gives you suggestions … a lot of suggestions.

The website is available here : however it is in French only, so don’t go there if you don’t speak french (sorry about that).


homepage of Professeur Cadeau

You simply enter the age and gender of the person that you want to please, then you select some keywords about how the gift is (for instance if you want a funny gift or a useful one). You then select the budget and finally, a selection of gifts is displayed like so :


This was a very interesting project (while writing this I realize that I always say that … maybe all my project are simply awesome ? 😛 )

Link to the website :

Twitter :

Facebook :

Video – tips with WS2818b

Hello everyone,

as promised here is the video explaining how I soldered my LED’s to create the display in my worldmap clock project.

As stated in the video, the module used is Ws2818B which are individual RGB leds individually controllable .

I bought them by 100 on Banggood for about 15€

I found a lot of useful tips on how to power it and use it properly on Adafruit’s website (which also the provider of the library to control it) Adafruit Uberguide for Neopixel



First experience with wood

I received a jigsaw for my birthday, so I used it to enhance the cage of my two guineas pigs.


The cost is very small as most of it was done using scrap wood. This small project was interesting because I could test 3 different type of cuts using the jigsaw :

  •  Straight cut on the stairs and for the hut
  •  Cut following a curve for the upper stage
  •  Circular cut for the “window” (yes it was supposed to be a window but they decided to use it as a door, well it’s your cage …)

They adopted it the day I set it in the cage. To help them discover the upper part I baited them with some fruits and it worked pretty well.

As said with the title, this was my first experience with wood and I really liked it. Maybe one day there will be an other project with wood …

Fake journalism and trading

It happens almost every day, even with adds blocker you have articles about how you can easily earn a lot of money from home. I usually ignore those articles, but today while I was surfing, one of them did catch my attention because there was the name of my town in it.


Translated it means : a housewife at Saint Antoine la villageoise sur Dordogne (no that town doesn’t exist) earns 8,350€ per month and you won’t believe how !

First of all, I hate this kind of title because it sounds like the viral sh*t you have on Facebook like : “this father jumps from a cliff while holding a bike, but when you will discover why he did this, you will burst into tears !”.

Then the name of the town, the content displayed on the page depends on some parameters, in that case the location of the visiter. This parameter is passed through the url in that case and therefore can be easily modified (that’s why the title says Saint Antoine la villageoise sur Dordogne, I modified it).

The name of the town is used in order to catch the attention of the reader ( and it worked on me), because you know that it is something that is happening right next you, maybe that you neighbor is earning thousands of euros per month without moving out of his couch.

The title is not the only thing interesting I found in this article, let’s analyse some others aspects that can be found in it, and then I will give my opinion about this kind of “journalism”.

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DIY Alarm clock – the result

I have finally finished my alarm clock and here is the video to show it :

There are some details that could be added but at some point you have to decide to stop !

Here the main feature that was not described before in my blog :the alarm time is automatically set according to my Google Agenda and to Google Maps forecasted journey time.

I want to make the source code available for free, but I have to “clean” it first.

Enjoy 🙂