Homemade rocking horse : assembling and finishing

Third and last part on my homemade rocking horse project (part 1| part2)

Once every pieces were properly sanded, it was time to do the dreaded step : the assembly. I first started with a mock assembly with clamps to make sure everything was alright.

Mock assembly with clamps, it does look like a horse !

I decided to glue and screw the different pieces together, I could have used other techniques but with this one I knew that I would limit the amount of bad surprise.

assembly of the body and the head
Assembly of the skids onto the body

Those were the steps where I was worried a lot because I realized everything was very straight.

Then after some more adjustments and sanding I added the seal and the bar for the hands. Every hole was covered with wood paste. I finally put 2 coats of varnish.

Varnish drying

To finish it up I used a sewing machine to make a small cushion for the seal (leatherette and cushion stuffing) and decorative reins.

making the small cushion with leatherette

I’m rather happy with the final result, could have been better but still a beautiful gift which pleased my sister (and my niece) a lot.

Final result

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