Ender 3 and stepper damper

Here comes a quick article on a quick (and ugly) fix on the Ender 3.
I recently bought one and I’m very happy with it. However it is incredibly noisy. In order to fix that, one solution is to buy cheap dampers for the X and Y steppers.

On my version I could not remove the belt gear piece and I noticed that I wasn’t not the only one (thread on reddit).


Stepper motor with fixed belt gear

On other version you could unscrew it, put the damper and then put it back in place. On mine it is fixed. Instead of trying to remove it and maybe break the stepper and i took an easy and (sorry) very ugly solution : using a file and a rasp to remove enough matter so I could pass through it.

It worked perfectly for me, and I didn’t notice any drop in print quality. However the Y Stepper being bigger it reduces slightly the Y-range so I had to move the endstepper on the Y axis (about 1 cm) as you can see on this picture :


That’s it quick fix, not a lot of details but I hope it will help other people who are stuck the same way I am.

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