Homemade rocking horse – The skids

In Part 1 I explained how I created the first pieces of my home-made rocking horse. In this article I will talk about the skids which are a very important piece of the project.

The first version I did was made by drawing half of the profile on cardboard. Cutting it and having a pattern to have a perfect mirrored skid. However my design was too flat.

First version of the skids … way too flat

To design better skids I decided to come back to the basic : what is rocking ? And the best way to achieve it is with skids shaped like circles. Now I have to find the radius of that circle. For that I based it on the dimensions of the original rocking horse made by my father.

Dimensions given by my father

I first tried to calculate the radius using simple maths and these numbers. That was a good occasion to realize that I was not that good at maths … So I chose a simpler solution. I drew a 3-points-circle on Fusion 360 and measured the resulting radius. I then tied a pencil to a rope of that length to draw portion of circle and the wood. Once cut here comes the result :

New version of skids (you can notice the heavy use of wood paste on the right)

The slot in the middle was cut at the same time on the two pieces. I also did a lot of sanding with the two pieces together to have them almost identical.

The skids assembled

Now there is one big thing left to do, assembling everything. That will be for next article.

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