Homemade ring box

In this video, I created a ring box from oak wood. It was the first time that I used wood to create something very small. It was once again an interesting project. The result is not perfect but good enough to do what I had to do with it.

I found the idea of using scotch to join the 4 pieces together on a video and it was very useful (especially for such a small box).

It is the first I sew in a project, It could have been better.

The overall budget was very low (except for the ring). I bought a miter box which was very helpful. However I regret the fact that is in plastic as it is more flexible …


Video : homemade worldmap clock

I’ve juste uploaded a short video showing the different steps of the creation of my worldmap clock.

It was a highly interesting project, as it was the first time that I mixed two different things I like : IOT & woodworking. It don’t have much experience with wood but I love the idea of making something from trees !


Steering wheel commands on my carputer

After a lot of work on my homemade carputer, I finally found out how to get the steering wheel commands on my carputer.
I made a video to explain how it works and how I did it :

I used and arduino with a Can Module to read the messages. In the video I explain how the Can Network is organised and how to get the message to know what is happening on the steering wheel commands.

Enjoy 🙂


Flying initiation

In January I had a flight traineeship in Carcassonne (South West of France). It was very interesting because I had the occasion to discover things that you can’t do in every aeroclub (for instance IFR training with LPV approaches).

Here is the video :

The videos were taken with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition and a Nikon Coolpix L820.

Enjoy 🙂


DIY Alarm clock – the result

I have finally finished my alarm clock and here is the video to show it :

There are some details that could be added but at some point you have to decide to stop !

Here the main feature that was not described before in my blog :the alarm time is automatically set according to my Google Agenda and to Google Maps forecasted journey time.

I want to make the source code available for free, but I have to “clean” it first.

Enjoy 🙂