Homemade ring box

In this video, I created a ring box from oak wood. It was the first time that I used wood to create something very small. It was once again an interesting project. The result is not perfect but good enough to do what I had to do with it.

I found the idea of using scotch to join the 4 pieces together on a video and it was very useful (especially for such a small box).

It is the first I sew in a project, It could have been better.

The overall budget was very low (except for the ring). I bought a miter box which was very helpful. However I regret the fact that is in plastic as it is more flexible …


Wine wood box

After my first project with wood I decided to continue and buy new tools (including circular saw). Here is what I did using pine wood for my sister’s birthday :

It was a very fun project and I learnt a lot like how to properly sand and how to use wood paste to hide the screws.