Homemade wood & wedding

I’ve haven’t been active on my blog recently but I have a good excuse : I just got married.

This article is about the two different items that I crafted my self in wood.

The box for the rings

The idea was pretty close to what I’ve done for the proposal. I used the same material : oak and also the same technique. The dimensions are different and I had to make room for the locks on the side.


The box closed with the locks in place

The idea behind the locks is that both of us were accepting to get married, as you need two keys to open it.

The keychains were made by an embroidery in Toulouse (I tried to look on Internet but you usually need have to buy 100 of them or plus …). Instead of the classical Remove before flight it says remove before KISS. And there is the date of the wedding on the other side.

The inside was made with leftovers from an other project. The tissue is made of felt and I used a sewing machine to make it nice and clean. The inside is stuffed with polymer fiber (the same you use to put in stuffed animals for instance).

I’m pretty happy with the result. The only detail that I didn’t like is that the lid is not straight enough when opened. But otherwise I feel like I improved since my last creation made of wood. It is also a good souvenir that we will keep with us.


The box opened during the ceremony


The donation box

The other project that I made in wood was the box used for donation. It was to help us to pay our honeymoon so I made it in the shape of an aircraft. The wood is pine.


The back of the box was closed with plywood and nails and I had to tear out once the wedding was over.

It was the first time that I used a plane (the tool not the airplane) to have a better finish. I used woodpaste to hide the screws even if you can still see it.


So that’s it ! I hope you liked and I also hope that one day this will give some inspiration to someone else.


Homemade ring box

In this video, I created a ring box from oak wood. It was the first time that I used wood to create something very small. It was once again an interesting project. The result is not perfect but good enough to do what I had to do with it.

I found the idea of using scotch to join the 4 pieces together on a video and it was very useful (especially for such a small box).

It is the first I sew in a project, It could have been better.

The overall budget was very low (except for the ring). I bought a miter box which was very helpful. However I regret the fact that is in plastic as it is more flexible …


Wordmap clock

Inspired by some wordmaps made with nails found online, I decided to build my own with a little modification : it’s also a clock and of course a connected clock … I know what you are about to say, yet another connected clock ! And well … it’s true (first project, second project). But this one will be pretty !


The “background” was made using painted 8mm thick MDF and the frame was made using fir wood.

LEDs are WS2818 which can be individually addressed in order to have results like this ! In this project there are 82 leds that needed to soldered (6 points per LED). It’s a lot of word, I’ll soon post a video explaining how I did it.


I will add more behind the “background” to light the wall on which it will be hanging. And I still have to work on the Wifi connection using ESP8266 module and Arduino.



First experience with wood

I received a jigsaw for my birthday, so I used it to enhance the cage of my two guineas pigs.


The cost is very small as most of it was done using scrap wood. This small project was interesting because I could test 3 different type of cuts using the jigsaw :

  •  Straight cut on the stairs and for the hut
  •  Cut following a curve for the upper stage
  •  Circular cut for the “window” (yes it was supposed to be a window but they decided to use it as a door, well it’s your cage …)

They adopted it the day I set it in the cage. To help them discover the upper part I baited them with some fruits and it worked pretty well.

As said with the title, this was my first experience with wood and I really liked it. Maybe one day there will be an other project with wood …