Homemade ring box

In this video, I created a ring box from oak wood. It was the first time that I used wood to create something very small. It was once again an interesting project. The result is not perfect but good enough to do what I had to do with it.

I found the idea of using scotch to join the 4 pieces together on a video and it was very useful (especially for such a small box).

It is the first I sew in a project, It could have been better.

The overall budget was very low (except for the ring). I bought a miter box which was very helpful. However I regret the fact that is in plastic as it is more flexible …


Video : homemade worldmap clock

I’ve juste uploaded a short video showing the different steps of the creation of my worldmap clock.

It was a highly interesting project, as it was the first time that I mixed two different things I like : IOT & woodworking. It don’t have much experience with wood but I love the idea of making something from trees !

Arduino SmartClock – Nano version, the result

Here is the final result on my nano version of the Arduino SmartClock


The new clock in font of its older brother

It is a simplified version of the Arduino SmartClock but also smaller.

Like the other model, it is an arduino based clock that connects to my home wifi in order to automatically set up the time (wifi module ESP8266).

It is also an alarm clock, the time of the alarm is also set via WiFi. There is a mode where the alarm is automatically set according to my schedule on Google Agenda and the time forecasted for the journey by Google Maps (by car, because of traffic jams and my variable schedule, this can vary a lot from one day to an other).

Instead of using a light sensor, I set up two simples modes : Day & Night. By day the seconds are shown in a colorful way :


Display by day

By night the luminosity is lower and only some LEDs are used :


Display in night mode

The code is fairly close to the one of the preceding version (reminder : the code of the clock itself is freely available here ). The soldering was more challenging as there not a lot of room available inside of the box.


Inside of the clock

To finish here is little tip :

If you’re building a project inside a box with a power cable (or any type of cable going outside of the box) you can make a knot with the wire inside. That way, if you pull on the cable, it will only tighten the knot and not unplug or break the wire ;-).


The simple knot trick !

DIY Alarm Clock

For a long time I used my smartphone (which is not that smart by the way) as an alarm clock. But some days ago I decided to create my own alarm clock with Arduino.

I wanted to have an original way of showing the time, I realised that LED matrix were quite cheap, so here is a 3D image of the idea I had :

DIY Alarm Clock project

3D image of my idea – made with Blender

The green lines corresponds to the seconds. The “box” will probably be done in wood (so the picture is not 100% accurate) but I’m sure about the way i’ll place the LEDs.

Here are the features I want to have :

  • simple alarm with a buzzer
  • display time or date
  • control will be done thank’s to a gesture sensor :

    RGB and Gesture Sensor – APDS-9960

    That’s right I want to control it minority report style !

  • Thank’s to the sensor above, I’ll also be avaible to know what is the luminosity in the room and therefore adapt the brightness of the screen.

I’ve already ordered the components, I’ll keep you informed as soon as I start building the project.