DIY Clock – Wifi connection and other features

After a lot of work on my clock, I finally have interesting features to show !

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  • It is now connecting to my home Wifi in order to update the time, and also to set the time of the alarm.
  • The alarm is set from a private page that I can access from my phone (or any computer connected to Internet)
  • There is now an ambient luminosity sensor at the top which will adapt the brightness of the screen according to the light in the room
  • This sensor also detects proximity, so I can turn my alarm off by putting my hand in front of it.
  • Finally , there is an RGB led (its brightness will also change according to the light in the room) which indicates the time remaining before the alarm (this feature can seem stupid or useless but it’s not if – like me – you are short sighted !)

For now, not all of the features presented aren’t 100% stable, but I’m sure that it will perfectly work in a near future.

I also updated the design using watercolor to add some colors to my project.
Here is a video of it when it’s turned on (autosync).

I’ll soon make a video showing all the features.

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