My Ideal District in Paris

In this article I’m going to introduce to you the website I created about Paris. Here is the link, for now it is French … sorry. It is meant to find your ideal district in Paris when you want to live in it (hence the title). The result is based on multiples criterias that the user can enter. Every data for the criterias were collected from public database published by the State and the city of Paris thank’s to the OpenData policy. Here are some examples of criterias that you can choose (you can choose up to 10 criterias) :

  • number of velib (the famous self-service bike system of Paris)
  • acces to public transport (Metro and RER)
  • privilege district with bars and restaurant
  • and so on …

The user chooses the priority for every criterias and the website calculates a mark for every district. Here is what the result page looks like, it is an interactive map :

The result page displaying the districts of Paris (in French)

With this website I have 2 goals :

First, it is a great way to provide data to people wanting to live in Paris (the concept can of course be applied to any city). It is very hard to come and live in a city that you barely know, therefore this kind of tool can help you.

Secondly, this website shows what I consider as the true power of OpenData. In my opinion what is really interesting is not that you can do with a set of data but the fact that you can gather a lot of databases. We can now build powerful applications that can show things that were impossible to show before because everything was compartmentalised.

I’ll try to add modifications in the future …

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